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What is CDS Tube?

The CDS Tube or Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing is basically a cold drawn 1018/1026 steel tube. It comes with uniform tolerances and possesses enhanced machinability and high strength. It also has better tolerance when compared to the hot-rolled tubes. The cold-drawn tubes are stronger, and hence they are perfectly used for critical applications. Due to their manufacturing process, they have a consistent diameter and thickness.

Cold Drawn Seamless Tube manufacturer in India

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What is CFS tube?

The CFS tubes are made up of mild steel and they are available at a low cost. These are basically low-carbon steel tubes that come with around 0.02% carbon content.

The alloy also has manganese which helps in the easy formation and shaping of the tubes. The CFS tubes are basically manufactured following the BS specifications and they are commercially known as the CS pipes.

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What is cold finished pipe
and hot finished pipe?

The cold finished pipes refer to the pipes that are drawn in a cold state. These are basically drawn through the hardened steel or carbide die, with or without the presence of a mandrel on the inner side. The process helps to reduce the cross-sectional area of the pipe without any kind of heating. The hot finished pipes, on the other hand, are made by heating a solid bloom or billet. It is then punched or pierced to make a hollow. They are worked hot, at almost 1093 degrees C.

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What is cold drawn process?

During the cold drawing process, the given material is basically drawn at room temperature. The process here involves reducing the cross-sectional diameter of the tube by drawing through successively smaller dies. This occurs without heating the material previously, and this helps in increasing the tensile strength of the material. The cold-drawn products are mostly used for complex applications and the ones that come with very tight tolerance requirements.

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3 Points to Consider When Choosing a

Cold Drawn Tubes Manufacturer In India

In order to choose the best cold drawn tubes manufacturer in India, the client should look after the following aspects:


The steel used in making the product by the given manufacturer should be high in quality.


The manufacturer should be experienced in offering dimensionally accurate products with perfect mechanical properties.


The products should be sold at an affordable price.




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What is the difference between cold rolled and cold drawn?

In the cold rolling process, the steel is made to pass through rollers, which gives the material a given thickness. The metal needs to pass through the rollers to achieve the required thickness, and this process gives the material a high tensile strength, which means they are resistant to warping or breaking under load.

The cold-drawn process also occurs at room temperature. Thin products like bars and wires are produced through this procedure. The cold-drawn steel also has high tensile strength and they come with a smoother finish.

CDS Tube

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