ERW steel tube manufacturer in India

Electric resistance welding

ERW pipes & tubes can be produced in various grades of carbon steel, stainless steel & nickel alloy. We are specialized in all duplex steel, ASTM A312/ SA 213 & high nickel alloy material. These ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) tubes are available in round & square shape. We can produce 1/2″ to 10″ OD in various wall thickness such as 10GA, 11GA, 12GA, 14 GA, 16 GA & 18 GA. These hot rolled tubes are available in Pickled & Oiled conditions.

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Supplier of Welded steel Pipes in a wide range of sizes

  • Round tubing: 1.05 Inch to 16 Inch
  • Square tubes: up to 6 Inches
  • Rectandular tubing & pipes : up to 6 Inches
  • Oval / Other shape: Custom sizes
Welded steel tube

EFW Pipe Vs ERW Pipe

ERW tubes

EFW full form : Electric Fusion Welding
In EFW manufacturing methods steel pipes are produced by welding sheet/ plate or strips. These pipes can be installed in various industrial projects such as power sector & chemical plants. EFW pipes can be manufactured in large diameter up to 100 Inches or large size as per the requirement.

ERW full form: Electric Resistance Welding
In this method pipes are manufactured by rolling the sheet & plates. These pipes are mainly used in oil & gas industries, structural & construction projects. 1/2″ to 24″ is the standard manufacturing size range for such ERW pipes.

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Grades, Specification and Manufacturing Process of Welded Steel Tubes

ERW Steel Pipe thickness tolerance and Pressure Rating
Out Diameter Tolerance of Wall Thickness Tolerance of Pipe End Tolerance of Pipe Body
219.1-273.1 +15%, -12.5% +1.6mm, -0.4mm ±0.75%
274.0-320 +15%, -12.5% +2.4mm, -0.8mm ±0.75%
323.9-457 +15%, -12.5% +2.4mm, -0.8mm ±0.75%
508 +17.5%, -12.5% +2.4mm, -0.8mm ±0.75%
559-610 +19.5%, -8% +2.4mm, -0.8mm ±0.75%
EFW stainless steel pipes
Seamless and Welded Steel Tubes Price Difference in India and China
ERW Tube testing
Product INR Chinese Yuan
1/4″ Sch 80 Seamless Pipe – 304 Stainless 603.12 Rs 52.39 yuan
1/2″ 304 Stainless Sch 80 Seamless Pipe 922.08 Rs 80.10 yuan
2.5″ Sch 80 304 SS Seamless Pipe 4900.36 Rs 425.68 yuan
5″ Sch 304 SS 80 Seamless Pipe 14479.06 Rs 1257.75 yuan

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